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These items will be available starting 2/1/2012.

Costumes Edit

Cat12-costume-change Cat12-costume-floral Cat12-costume-luxury Cat12-costume-starry
Change 2 my Color Valentine Plum Dancing Tiger Cassiopeia Heart
Extend Floral Luxury Starry
1,000 MSP 500 MSP 500 MSP 500 MSP

Song Edit

Cat12-song-change CHANGE!!!!
1200 MSP
Max Group Size: Quintet

Accessories Edit

name Set
Cat12-alien-head Cat12-alien-body Cat12-alien-hand Cat12-alien-leg
name name name name
200 MSP 200 MSP 200 MSP 200 MSP

name Set
Cat12-witch-head Cat12-witch-body Cat12-witch-hand Cat12-witch-leg
name name name name
300 MSP 300 MSP 300 MSP 300 MSP

Others Edit

Catalog-300k-money Cat12-other-amimami
300,000 Money #10 name
300 MSP Gift

Hagiwara Hard Hat is a gift for collecting the complete set of Catalog 8 DLC. It does not show up in either the 765 Shop or the XBL Marketplace. To unlock it you need to purchase every item in Catalog 8 (as shown in the 765 Shop) except the 300,000 Money #6 and the idols' e-mail addresses. Doing so costs a total of 4500 MSP. If you do, Hagiwara Hard Hat will automatically show up in your Accessory / Head equipment menu.

The theme idol for this month's gift is Yukiho. The gift is a hard hat used by her father's construction company. Which is appropriate since Yukiho likes to dig holes to hide in.


Miku is in this catalog!

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